Prioritising the planet and our communities

With climate change becoming an increasing global concern, Luxexpo The Box has embarked on a journey to improve its business model to accommodate sustainability goals. Until the present day, the following sustainable business practices have been put in place to protect the environment and to prioritise our people and communities.

Communication & Marketing:

  • Reduction of printed media, favouring digital communication
  • Use of recycled paper when printing is required
  • Paperless ticketing
  • Waiver of goodie distribution
  • Nexterday magazine: creation of our own media to streamline our advertising printing. Pages offered to ASBLS and free editorial content highlighting young entrepreneurs in the country

Decoration, layout, infrastructure:

  • Eco-designed stands and reusable materials
  • Plants as a means of decoration
  • No carpeting
  • Rethought lighting to reduce energy consumption
  • Local organic paint
  • Luxexpo The Box is supplied with 100% renewable electrical energy


  • We encourage participants to use sustainable mobility (public transport/carpooling)
  • Bicycle stand


  • The SuperDrecksKëscht quality label obtained

Gastronomic offer:

  • Seasonal, local and organic food offer whenever possible
  • Use of eco-friendly and reusable cups
  • Vegan and vegetarian alternatives

Economic and societal impact:

  • Establishment of a new economic model: in order to allow the post-Covid recovery, establishment of a model where sponsors (VDL and Chamber of Commerce) offer the stands in order to allow local businesses to exhibit for free at our fair
  • Collaboration with local service providers
  • Collaboration with No Big Deal, a start-up promoting healthy lifestyle through walking challenges